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Bamboo Shades

A M Bamboo Shade in NYC
A M Bamboo Shade in NYCBamboo shade for Livingroom in Brooklyn NYBamboo shades Bathroom NYCBamboo shades Diningroom NYCA M Bamboo Shade in New 
York City, NYNY Bamboo Shade for a LivingroomNYC Provenance bamboo shades Top down Bottom up
NY Provenance bamboo shade for a LivingroomProvenance bamboo shades Den Manhattan, NYProvenance bamboo shades Den NYC - NYProvenance bamboo shades Kitchen NYCProvenance blackout bamboo shades NY, NY

Made from select natural woods, including reeds, bamboos and grasses, Provenance® woven wood shades are uniquely textured, adding casual good looks to any room. When lowered, these woven wood shades lie flat; when raised, the woven woods hang in even, overlapping folds.

Material Bamboo, Reeds or Grasses

Fold Size 5"
Sizes Available Width: 18" to 144"
Height: 30" to 108"
Material/Color Options 77 combinations

Your Options to Chhose the Shape and Design of your Bamboo Shades

Specialty Shapes and Design Options Angles, bay and corner windows, sliding glass doors, top-down/bottom-up, french doors Operation Systems Options Cordlock operation, Clutch operated continuous loop Motorization Options Radio Frequency (RF) Only Remote Control

Soil and Dust Resistant - Yes!

Energy Efficiency - Excellent!

UV Protection - Good (75% to 90%)

Sound Absorption - Good


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