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A & M Window Fashions is a family owned and operated business providing exquisite window treatments to the Tri-State area since 1998.

When looking for the best in custom and ready-made window treatments, New York City has the rest of the world outclassed. There is a certain sense of Cosmopolitan style and charm to the unique designs of the window blinds, window treatments and window shades. There are a lot of window covering designs to choose from.

Window Treatments ideas – New York City Style

If you are looking for a new window treatment ideas to upgrade the style of your home all year long, you should know that any window top treatment can be changed seasonally along with the look of the room. A combination of curtains, drapes and valences can be arranged for a classic country look, or a daring Cosmopolitan style. Window treatments come in a variety of colors, materials and textures to equal the interior design of the house or apartment.

Designers often point out that window top treatments provide both function and form. They offer a finished look to the room while presenting proper lighting, as well as privacy. There are many different treatment types to explore along with accessories that combine to offer the right options.

Most homes and apartments opt for the contemporary window treatments in the living room or family room while going a bit more classical with the kitchen window treatments. There are hundreds of beautiful window treatment designs from which to choose. It is prudent to take a little time to review all options while considering the benefits afforded by each.

Custom curtains for a unique style

Drapery treatments and custom curtains allow designers and their clients to match their collective vision closely. These accoutrements are usually mounted outside the window frame and offer exceptional versatility as well as privacy. The heavier curtains also work well to insulate the home during the winter while the lighter versions allow air to circulate through the room while defusing the sunlight in spring and summer. Advance planning takes the mystery out of selecting window treatments.

New York City offers a lot of exciting home decorators who can help with the planning and selection of the right style for the house or apartment. The idea of a New York style is a way to denote elegance without arrogance; it is a way of selecting a style while remaining practical. There’s no need for a high-priced interior designer to benefit from that aesthetic; there are companies here in New York City that can take care of your custom window treatment needs.

Now Available for Homeowners - Creativity Comes in Handy!

One area where creativity comes in handy is the selection of custom kid’s curtains. When the choice is to go with the standard look for something special for the children’s, it pays to take a little time to let the imagination take charge. Kid’s custom designs can be subtle and elegant or daring and dynamic within budget.

Homeowners can select custom kitchen curtains that closely match the character of the room. Select from a variety of fabrics and textures as well as compatible styles and accessories. With a little bit of planning it is conceivable to get the personal touch with a high end finish without the high-end price tag. For more information on choosing the right window treatments, New York City has a great resource available. Thank you for your visit our website: www.aandmwindowfashions.com

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